Word Scramble II

Word Scramble II

Use your mind, think, and combine the letters to find the right word
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Word Scramble II is a game for agile and brilliant minds, in which you'll have a chance to test or develop your ability to find word patterns with very little clues.
The game provides an initial group of letters. Your mission is just to find the word that those letters are describing. To do this you have to generate all possible combinations of the given set in order to find the right word. The minimum word length is 3 and you can use or not all the letters. Note that there might be more than one word for a given set of letters, it's your responsibility to keep trying until you find the correct one.

Use your mouse to move the letters and change their order. If you want to discard a letter simply drag it to the green panel labeled "Put Letters Here". Once you find a word you think might be right, just click on "Submit" and see if that was the correct one. It might sound easy, but it's quite a difficult game, the combinations are sometimes very complex and it will take a while to figure out the correct word. It's a perfect game to develop your patience, your vocabulary, and a great word unscrambling skill.

Jonathan Palencia
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  • Entertaining, fun and addictive
  • Apt for every age


  • Very frustrating at first after several failed attempts
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